As so many of my readers know, I am a huge fan (& daily drinker) of Zipfizz. Zipfizz is an energy drink that’s high in antioxidants & sold through Costco. For the past few years, I’ve been stopping by mocha stands, ordering it to my door & sharing it with friends & family nonstop. I cannot get enough of this stuff! So, over this last year, I’ve made it a point to reach out to Zipfizz in the hopes that I could somehow represent them.

This ongoing effort has been a fun one, even allowing me to work for them in a booth during the Spokane Bloomsday this year, but it’s also been tough. I’m not quite sure I’m being heard, so this blog is my next step in reaching out & letting it be known. I would be an incredible asset to the Zipfizz family!

Zipfizz! If you’re listening, here’s why!

1. BIG FAN & SUPPORTER Well, for starters, I’m a HUGE fan of the Zipfizz product! Not only does this mean that I’m passionate about it, but it also means that I can sell it (& have, numerous times!) I know the facts, & I’m not afraid to tell them to anyone who’s asking me what that “fancy pink drink” is.

2. I’M A REPRESENTATIVE My day job is as a Lighting Representative. Every day, I answer emails, call on customers, & drive throughout Washington, North Idaho & Montana. And you bet your butt I’m already stopping in at local mocha stands carrying a Zipfizz! “Mix this up for me, will ya?!”

3. I’M A WRITER/BLOGGER One of my greatest passions is writing, not only about bucket listing, but also about products that I enjoy. When there’s something that’s a big part of my day-to-day life, it ends up in photos & notes within blogs on numerous occasions. I simply cannot help it. So, duh, Zipfizz is in there… a LOT. Oh, & you don’t have a blog, but I’d be happy to contribute to your newsletter, or start your blog… 🙂

4. I’M AN AVID SOCIAL NETWORKER Instagram is a huge network for me, & I cannot tell you how many of my photos involve my pink lemonade Zipfizz… that I have every morning… sometimes two or three per day…

5. THERE IS A LOT THAT I DO People are constantly asking me how I keep going all day long. (There’s an obvious answer, but I’m beginning to wonder if my keyword is being used a little too much…) Aww who am I kidding… ZIPFIZZ!!

6. I EXPERIMENT WITH FLAVORS While it’s super obvious that I enjoy Pink Lemonade, I do experiment with flavors. Sometimes I want to know what’s going on in that mocha stand world – is there a new way to mix it that I haven’t considered? How do you think I found my favorite (Pink Lemonade Zipfizz, Strawberry & Vanilla Flavor, with Cream)? I had to get through Orange, Vanilla & Cream first. And I think these recipes would do really well on Pinterest…

7. PHOTOGRAPHY IS A BIG PART OF MY LIFE After having fun handing out samples at the Bloomsday booth, I was rewarded with Zipfizz. This reward had me keeping a treasured tube of each flavor, hidden away in my office desk for safe keeping. A recent realization had me smiling ear-to-ear. I could take some great advertising photos with these.

8. I’M CURIOUS Alright, if I’m being completely honest, I’m wondering why certain mocha stands don’t have your product. There is one big establishment in particular that has my head really spinning…  & Every time I come through, I’m sure to ask why. Maybe my curiosity will one day pay off?

9. WEBSITE DESIGN IS A HOBBY OF MINE In my spare time, I design websites for fun. This has me well versed in key-wording, so every time I post a Zipfizz blog or comment, I know just how to get things rolling.

10. SEATTLE NATIVE So this one is just a little touch of home. I was born in Renton, Washington. I’ve been a Seattle Seahawks fan my entire life, & I’m in love with all that Western Washington has to offer. I suppose you could say your facility location is the cherry on top for all that Zipfizz has to offer.
In short, I’m looking to be a Zipfizz Ambassador. I want to represent something that I believe in & that am passionate about. Producing photos, network blurbs, blog posts, newsletter articles, mocha stand marketing, tagging, recipes, & more on my blog & personal networks is a big deal. Zipfizz is one of the few companies that I’m willing to put myself out there for.

And for the Zipfizz Associate that I hope is reading this right now? Thank you for your time regardless of the outcome, & thank you for a product that has me very happy.

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