Femininity has officially taken over my world! Here are 11 ways to truly express how much you love being a girl!

1. Think Pink: From bedding to clothing & even lingerie, I’ve begun brightening up my life one pink item at a time. What was once a color that I avoided because of the opinion of someone else, has now become a symbol of the newest chapter of my life.

2. Skirts & Heals: Dressing up can bring on confidence every time & that’s why I went out & bought a pair of comfortable high heals… did I mention that they are red? Somehow that just seems to add a little more.

3. Victoria’s Secret: I’ve always been a VS shopper, & it’s not just because of the great quality of their bras. Victoria’s Secret has had me feeling sexy for years.

4. Chick Flicks: My favorite example is Twilight. Whether it be Twilight or another cheesy chick flick that’s your guilty pleasure… stop feeling guilty! Who cares what others think of your favorite films? It’s time we cherish the things that make us US. I think I’ll put on Made of Honor or Win A Date With Tad Hamilton Now…

5. Hairapy: Or Mani, or pedi or massage or facial. Boost your confidence by getting some much needed therapy – in the salon that is. You’ll be amazed at how incredible you’ll be feeling afterwards.

6. Makeup: There’s no doubt that one really girly thing is wearing makeup, but so is experimenting with it! Sometimes switching even just eye shadow can give you that much-needed little change to brighten you & your day.

7. Your Playlist: Music is one of my biggest therapies, & creating an upbeat kick-ass girls only playlist can completely recharge your battery. My favorites? Kelly Clarkson, Miranda Lambert, P!nk & Avril Lavigne.

8. Baby Lips: I’ve never been a lipstick person, but sometimes chap stick just doesn’t do the trick. For that little bit of color, I seem to have gotten addicted to the Baby Lips brand.

9. Whoa Is Me: Alright – I admit it, there are some things that just leave me feeling powerful, even in a time when women continue to conquer the world. Like me shopping for my own home, my graduating college, owning my own car… It doesn’t matter how many years women continue to kick ass, I will always find myself being proud of the things I’ve accomplished that only men used to. It’s just the woman in me. 🙂

10. Extensions: Whether it’s eyelashes or hair extensions, sometimes playing dress up can still be incredibly fun as an adult… So that’s exactly what I decided to do.

11. That Guilty Pleasure: You know that thing you’re embarrassed to admit that you enjoy to the average person? Coloring? Drawing? Watching Disney Movies? Rocking out in your car? Whatever it is – take the time to do it!

12. Thinking Outside The Box: One of the first things I did after my most recent breakup was head over to my cousin’s house. She was incredible & made me feel absolutely fabulous about myself, while having me try on outfits I wouldn’t normally try. She also stumbled across a bathing suit I found rather risky, but it was when I decided to wear it out that I gained a new confidence about myself & my body image. ​


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