Meet Kenyon Salo, Creator & ‘Checklist Destroyer’ of The Bucket List Life!

1. Please tell us about how your website started and where you would like to see it within the next 10 years. On Christmas Eve of 2013 I had just dropped my two kids off at their mother’s and came back to my house.  I drove home, opened the door and realized there was nothing of Christmas value in my house.  During that time I was going through a really tough breakup, there were no presents, no cards, no Christmas tree and no one there to be with or share Christmas.  I was going to wake up the next day with nothing.  I was totally beside myself as the anticipation of this loneliness was heavy on my heart.At 2:30am on Christmas morning I sat straight up in bed and started writing.  Who was I, what did I want for my life, how could I help others?  Bucket list items were swirling around in my head.  The only thought was to figure out a way to complete them, to check them off to really live life.  Then I realized that I wanted to help others check off bucket list items.  That was the moment that the only way to do that was to live, lead and embrace The Bucket List Life.

2. How has your website – and how it came about – changed the way you see the world and the how you take chances? Dec 25th, 2013 the Facebook page was created and we invited everyone we knew.  It had amazing sharing power and started to grow quite quickly.  500, 1000, 10,000 and now 90k+ people later the site rivals some of the top Facebook sites in user engagement even with considerably less people.The website soon came after that.  We are on version 3.0 now with lots of media content, articles, videos, ambassadors and now our podcast interviews.For us we see the world through the people we are helping and learning from.  Social media has made us more connected than ever, but on the flip side even more lonely than ever.  With The Bucket List Life we are helping people come back together into a community where everyone helps, celebrates and supports the success of others checking off items on their list.  There is a lot of love and dedication put into The Bucket List Life by every person that is associated with it.  It’s not about me anymore.  This movement is way bigger than me.  It’s about everyone involved and that is beautiful.
“The real truth is that there is no value to our ideas unless we take action.”

3. What advice would you give someone who is looking to accomplish something similar? We all have great ideas that pop into our heads.  We also think there is immediate value to these ideas.  The problem is that not everyone takes action on those ideas.  The real truth is that there is no value to our ideas unless we take action.  Doing things that work towards the next goal one step at a time, one day at time until the journey brings you to the point where you feel you have accomplished that task is where the value lies.  It’s about action first and foremost.

4. What’s something (big or small) that you’ve had to learn the hard way? It took me many years to realize that when I focused on ‘I’ only then my accomplishments were there, but never completely rewarding and never to the level that I desired.  Once there was a focus on ‘We’ then there was exponential growth, excitement and the rewards at the end of the day were over the top.  So for The Bucket List Life by helping others check off items we are then in essence having items of our list checked off, even though we never expected it. Helping others is in our DNA.

5. Name one goal that you plan to accomplish in the near future. We are creating a wingsuit team for The Bucket List Life that will skydive and BASE jump all over the world for continued brand support.  Skydiving is something that has been in my blood my whole life and I have a desire for as many people to be inspired to try it at least once.  If this wingsuit team can help inspire then we are on the right track.  I know it will do great things.

6. Tell us about your road to success. How do you stay so positive about life? The road to success itself is like a road trip across the country.  There are times when it’s light out and times that are very dark.  You might have people in the car with you at times and sometimes you may be completely alone.  It moves fast, slow, uphill, downhill, smooth, bumpy, slippery and solid.  There are under construction signs along a great deal of the drive.The road to success is one that must be driven and the gas that keeps the vehicle going is your passion that you put into it.  It’s the fuel that has an endless supply, you will never run out if you believe in it enough.  The road to success starts the moment you turn the ignition and put the vehicle in motion.Staying positive is just a part of knowing that the road to success is about the people you meet along the way and how important everyone you know is awesome, inspirational and amazing in their own way.  To see them smile makes me smile.

7. Where do you see yourself five years from now & why? Celebrating at a huge event with 10k+ people in the audience that are all living The Bucket List Life.  They will have traveled from around the world to be part of this yearly event and to celebrate those that are living and helping others live The Bucket List Life.   How do I know this…well as a quote from Slumdog Millionaire states – “It is written.”

8. Do you have a favorite piece of media (book, movie, quote, website or song… or all five) that you would like to share with the readers of – The Richest Man in Babylon Movie – The Shawshank Redemption Quote –  “Life is like a movie, write your own ending, keep believing, keep pretending we have done what we have set out to do. For the lovers and the dreamers and you.” Website –”…never ever compromise your dreams!”

9. What other advice might you give to the readers of Never ever, not once, not ten times…never ever for one person or ten people, never ever for one reason or ten reasons…never ever compromise your dreams!

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