Social Media Prompts For Your Commercial Images

Social Media Prompts

So you hired a Commercial Photographer & you’ve received your images. Now what? There are only so many images on social media that you want to post with a quote beneath them. Here is my layout of social media prompts for when you’re ready to post those beautiful shots. – Just make sure that the picture goes with the description. 

Do you have something to announce? Maybe an employee birthday or anniversary, a company anniversary, new employee, new partnership or different hours? The list goes on…

Are you sharing something behind the scenes? Something a customer wouldn’t necessarily see when they walk through the door of your business? This could be a sneak peak of what’s to come, a before/after set of photos, video of what you do, office tour, decorating an employee office, how your company started, current projects your working on, a bad day with a good outcome or a thank you to your customers. 

Highlighting other non-competing businesses, bringing up a local event, talking about a charity you support, giving a shout out to the newest high school grads, or thanking another business for their support are just a few ways you can involve your community in your social posts. 

How can you educate your customers or fans? Give them an update on the newest industry highlights, an industry trend, community or company history, industry state laws, an applicable life hack, tips for first timers at your business, answer frequently asked questions, or give them a tutorial of some kind. 

Stories about your business giving back to the community can seem a little boastful, but that doesn’t mean you should limit yourself when it comes to sharing stories of others paying it forward to you, opportunities to give back, causes you support & love, or what charities you’re involved in. People want to know so that they can give back too!

Get personal! One of the biggest issues on social media is the moment someone goes from their personal profile to a professional one is that it completely lacks personality. It shouldn’t all be about sales. Some of your posts should be personal, vulnerable & meaningful. Tell your customers about the things you’re learning right now, your favorite local locations, memories of starting your business, why you love what you do, why you started your business, etc. You might even consider dedicating a post to a loved one sometime. 

Throwback Thursdays & Fallback Fridays are some of my most favorite content options, because they are so simple. Throw it back & tell them why you are thinking about this former company moment. 

Ask the audience! Seriously, they loved being involved in any way they can. Ask them what you’re next sign should say, have them caption your post, see what they’d want your holiday party theme be or ask them to recommend another local business if you need assistance. 

Remember when you post something to do with sales on your social platform, you’re asking your fans/customers to do something for you. Keep these posts to a minimum: sold out, new product/service, invitation to email list, customer testimonials, brand values, why they should use your product or service, etc. 

Amy Riordan
Commercial Photographer
Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

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