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Last summer I had the honor of visiting River Dance Lodge in Kamiah, Idaho. This was our second visit to the lodge grounds where they offer food, river trips, hiking, glamping & much more. Tucked away near Kamiah, this beautiful retreat gets you out of cell reception & into a central location that offers a variety of relaxing activities.

Riverdance Lodge Glamping, Amy Riordan Commercial Photographer Coeur d'Alene & Spokane

Owned by the same owner as Coeur d’Alene’s amazing ROW Adventures, River Dance Lodge is in close proximity to several natural hot springs, the Lewis & Clark Trail & it’s not too far away from what we call Heaven’s Gate.

The grounds at River Dance Lodge are beautiful, & I’ve heard that this is also a popular wedding location. The tents themselves are really clean & the wood burning fireplace is easy to light (they provide firewood).

This aerial shoot was a small one, & I did end up breaking one of my drone blades (oh no!) but all in all, it was a wonderful weekend spent at River Dance Lodge with my husband, relaxing by the fire & enjoying the clawfoot tub that sits in the back.

Because this was the summer of 2020 (during COVID), we were unable to enjoy the dining options, but we did take a few walks along the river, & even drove out for our second attempt to visit Heaven’s Gate, which was sadly unsuccessful. (The first was due to snow, this time fog!)

I know you’re curious! Heaven’s Gate is a lookout location a little over two hours away. From this viewpoint, you can see into Idaho (obviously), Washington, Oregon & Montana. One day we will get to see this – one day!

Check out my Services page if you’re looking to get shots like these of your property or business! If you’re curious about all that River Dance Lodge has to offer, you can find more information HERE.

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