How To Reuse Your Commercial Images

Trying to get by with a few slightly dated commercial images? As long as the images are still applicable to your brand, there’s no reason why you can’t reuse them. Here are several ways to reuse your commercial images. 

Most image editors give you the ability to flip your image horizontally, giving it a completely different look. As long as the image doesn’t have any text that would be backwards, give this one a try. 

This may seem weird, but if you give your image a light overlay or fade the opacity, you can use it as a background for an inspirational quote or additional text on your website or social media. 

Cropping the photo is the most effective way of reusing it. You can place this content in places you couldn’t before, like Instagram or Facebook stories. A good Commercial Photographer will give you room to crop your image so that you can use it for any platform – vertical or horizontal layout. There is also editing software that will allow you to expand the image. 

Remember to have fun with this! It’s an art project that will give you additional options for sharing your images. 

Amy Riordan ♡ Coeur d’Alene, Idaho
Commercial Photographer & Content Strategist
FAA Certified & Insured Drone Pilot

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