Who’s your favorite author? Several of my personal list items have been based on my favorite author, musician, or actor.

Why Nicholas Sparks? Well, he is one of the few authors that has me completely lost in his books, which is a remarkable thing! Media can give us vacations at home, & I highly recommend you consider adding media to your bucket list if you haven’t already.

Nicholas Sparks is a big part of my personal bucket list &, since reading ‘The Choice’, I’ve been hooked completely. Adding any author, actor/actress, musician, etc to your list can be a big deal. Media is a big part of our lives & supporting our favorite artists is a great way of supporting ourselves – it feed our happiness. Adding Nicholas Sparks to your bucket list? My ratings are below (please remember that these are MY opinion.) Also, I recommend reading ‘True Believer’ before ‘At First Sight’ & ‘The Notebook’ before ‘The Wedding’… these are compliments to each other.

[x] The Notebook
[x] Message In A Bottle
[x] A Walk To Remember
[  ] The Rescue
[x] A Bend In The Road
[x] Nights In Rodanthe
[x] The Guardian
[x] The Wedding
[  ] True Believer
[x] At First Sight
[x] Dear John
[x] The Choice
[x] The Lucky One
[x] The Last Song
[x] Safe Haven
[x] The Best of Me
[x] The Longest Ride
[  ] See Me

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