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Hiring a photographer for just about anything can be overwhelming, but when it comes to the big things (your wedding or your business), it’s so much more than that! These images will represent your business for months to years. How do you know that you’re hiring the right person? Here are several questions to ask your Commercial Photographer. 

What kinds of photography & videography options do you offer? 
Making sure that they have the experience & the equipment to provide you with what your company needs is essential. They should be able to help you achieve something that holds true to your vision. 

Do you offer custom packages? Your business is all yours, so your photographer having the ability to be somewhat flexible with their package options can be a deal breaker. 

After we are done shooting, what is your turnaround time for delivery of images? Once the photographer has an idea of what they are shooting, they should be able to ballpark when they will be able to return the images or videos to you. While it won’t necessarily be exact, having the reassurance that you won’t be waiting months is very reassuring. 

Do I have to be there for the shoot?
With Commercial Photography, you often don’t have to be there, unless you’re doing headshots or group shots. This can give you the flexibility to focus on other important things while they shoot. 

How many businesses have you shot?
Some of these may seem like odd questions to ask your Commercial Photographer, but some photographers focus on all photography. Knowing how many businesses they’ve shot will give you an idea of their experience level 

Do you have a portfolio I could look at? Many photographers have a portfolio, & sometimes it’s not available on their website for a variety of reasons. Ask them for samples of their work! Some can even offer you a link to a specific set of images based on your specific needs. 

Will we have the rights to the images? Sometimes rights on the images are limited!

Will the images be accessible online & for how long? Some photographers work with Dropbox or Google Drive, others work with thumb drives. Knowing how long they will be accessible gives you the knowledge of how quickly you need to download your images & whether or not you can share the link with others. 

How much of a deposit do you require? When is it due? Is this non-refundable? This one is obvious, you want to know when you’ll have to pay & how much. Knowing whether or not it is refundable is also nice. 

Do you accept payments in installations? Every photographer differs, so if you’re needing to make payment in installations, you’ll need to find a photographer that can work with you. 

What is your refund or cancellation policy? This one is obvious, but it’s a great question to ask your commercial photography in preparation for your session(s).

Do you have insurance? Does it cover your assistants, as well? This one is incredibly important, especially for business photography! An insured photographer will make all the difference in the event of an accident!

Do you carry backup equipment? Many photographers have already learned the hard way that they need to carry backup equipment, but this should be a BIG question you ask to ensure that they do!

Will you be posting about our business on your website and social media? Will you be submitting our photos to magazines or blogs? Whether you’re comfortable with your photographer sharing your images or not, you need to know the answer to this question. If you’re alright with this, make sure that they tag you in all posts & share all features so that you can use it for your own content as well. 

My answers to these questions can be found on the FAQ Page!

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