Looking for images that represent your brand?
Customers need to see what you're all about, your website needs occasional updates & you simply may not have the time. Let me help!

Brand photography is the process of capturing details specific to your business & what you do.

Show what you do with vibrant images.
Brand images & video grow more & more popular with time, because it gives businesses the ability to show what they do. Instead of seeing stock images or quick shots as you're working, your audience is getting the full perspective of your business with the tools that you use on a day-to-day basis.

Brand photography or videography sessions are meant to represent your business colors, style, ambiance, etc.

Business Cards: Having your business cards surrounded by props give you an image that's vibrant & applicable.
Business Tools: Depending on your products or services, you can also use other tools. For me; my laptop, a cup of coffee & my camera!
In-Action Images: Photos of you doing you in your business. Show future customers what it's like to be in your presence.
Things You Love: The small things decorating your office, salon, restaurant, etc are part of you & what you do. Let's capture the essence of your business with the little details that mean something to you & how it all started.
& More: Branding photography doesn't have to be boring! The possibilities are just about endless.



Building your brand can be incredibly frustrating, tedious & make you feel like you're spinning your wheels. This is why I've made getting brand photography for your business as simple as possible. All you need to do is request a quote, give me a few details, & I'll be sending you a package specific to your business & your needs.

Request pricing using the link below. My pricing is specifically based on your company & your request. This could mean headshots, photos for website or social media backgrounds, closeups of what your business stands for & implementing color pallets that will leave you with images to last months & even years.

Receive a response within 5 hours! Waiting for quotes can be so frustrating, so I've taken the frustration out of it. You'll always receive a response to your specific request (not automated) within 5 hours of submission. 


Check out my photography process below, created to simplify your life while working with me, your brand photographer, so that you can focus on other parts of your business sooner. It doesn't matter if you are local to the Coeur d'Alene area somewhere else nationally, I'm happy to help you in any way that I can!

1. Quote Request
What branding footage do you need?

Send me a quote request with details on your specific business needs. This may entail anything from headshots to in-action images or even close up images of your business card against something that represents what you do.

2. Consultation
Let's dig into the brand details!

During this Zoom or phone call, we will talk about your brand colors, how many images you need & when you need them by. This makes sure that we are on the same page & that I can create your ultimate vision. 

3. Session Prep
Here are a few of the things I'll need!

When you're ready, I'll require a 50% deposit. At that time, you'll receive a production schedule & a detailed checklist designed to give you shot ideas & inspiration. This will also give me clarity on what you want. 


4. Production
Creating your perfect brand image.

Production day is completed based on the production schedule laid out in the previous step. Any weather dependent or other small details will be covered, & you'll be free to do what you need to do if you aren't in the shoot, unless of course you want to attend.

Editing & Results
But wait, there's more to the process...

Here comes the hard part: waiting for your images & videos! Timelines will vary based on your project, but you'll be given a deadline during the initial consultation. Your photos & videos will then be uploaded to Dropbox & you'll receive a link via email.

*For booking me as your Brand Photographer, a 50% deposit will be due at the beginning of each project.  A traveling fee of $.50/mile will be required if the shoot location is 30+ miles outside of Coeur d'Alene, ID. Please note that raw images are not provided to any of my clients. Additional service options can be arranged & quoted to you by request. This includes aerial, styled, product & videography. 


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What is a Branding Shoot?
As your Brand Photographer, I will create a collection of photos & videos that represent your brand. This could mean anything from styled images with your business card to interior & exterior shorts of your business, along with "in action" images of you & your employees working.

Does this include headshots?
This does not include your standard single image, head & shoulders headshot, but a variety of lifestyle media images with you as well as your employees if requested. For additional details, check out my blog post Personal Brand Photography vs Headshots.

How do I prepare for my shoot?
Following your initial consultation, you'll receive a custom checklist of items you need to have with you, anything that needs to be done before the shoot, etc.



My brand photography shoots are always done using my Canon Rebel T7, & videography with my DJI Osmo Pocket, or using my iPhone 11. These are used for the highest quality based on the customers needs (phone most often used for Instagram Reels). For drone photos & videos, I use my DJI Mavic Air.

For editing, I use Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom & Adobe Premier Pro.


Hey! I'm Amy Riordan, Commercial / Brand Photographer & former Social Media Strategist. I've been doing Brand Photography since 2017. Being a Brand Photographer is incredibly meaningful to me. For several years, I struggled to feel as though I was reflecting my brand to my customers. I wanted my images to be consistent, clear & of course visually appealing. Being able to create these shots for others is truly fulfilling, because I know the weight it takes off of their shoulders. Not only do they have something that is vibrant & on brand, but a full collection of shots for all of their platforms. It's artwork on another level. For more information about me, see the About Page.

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5 Stars

"No matter what Amy is doing she always does an excellent job and is someone you count on. She loves what she does and is always cheerful and an absolute delight to be around." - Randy Henley, Windermere Realty

"Amy is prompt and professional. A very talented photographer! Highly recommend!"
- Laura Beyer, Coeur d'Alene Charter Academy 

"Highly recommend! Amy is professional, prompt and wonderful to work with." - Brittany Shaver, Mike White Ford

"Working with Amy has been very fun an informative. Not only did she take aerial photos of my home, but she is always helping me with details on how I can boost my business on social media. She's kind , clearly loves what she does an I'm constantly recommending her to my family an friends." - Janina Lopez, Body Bar Esthetics

"Amy has done all of our aerial photography, starting with standard shots of our main building, and now she is working on shots as we prepare to build our new addition. She's always quick to respond and get out in the field. She's professional, reliable, certified and very knowledgeable about her drone and it's capabilities. I'd highly recommend her to any business looking to record their growth or to boost their online presence with high quality aerial images. Commercial Photography Coeur d'Alene is now at a completely different level because of her." - Ron Finnicum, Summit Mold

"I just finished a product shoot for my floral business, it was nothing short of amazing! She is a wealth of knowledge and always teaching me new ways to expand my business social media presence as well. I am so excited to work with her again soon! Thanks Amy!!!" - Holly Brunner, Pollen & Petal