Personal Brand Photography vs Headshots

Personal Brand Photography is the newest trend when it comes to Commercial Photography for businesses. Designed to give you a full, rounded collection of on-brand content, it’s the absolute best option when it comes to having high quality images to update your social media platforms & websites with.

But what happened to headshots?
One question that I often receive is whether or not my Brand Photography services include headshots, & this all depends on what your definition of a headshot is. Formerly a single head & shoulders image with a plain background, this very quick studio session is not something that I offer. That said, a Personal Brand Photography session involves various images of you working, smiling at the camera, shots of your business card, at your place of business or staged in a “home office” if you work remotely or sell online. This gives you a collection of content to be used strategically on all of your different platforms, while also sticking clearly to your brand. Closeup images can be used for background photos, faded backdrops for quotes on social media, etc.

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So, which option is best for you: Personal Brand Photography vs Headshots?
Honestly? Whether you sell online or own a brick & mortar store (or both), I’d recommend Personal Branding Photography regardless. These images will give you a wide variety of options across all platforms – even if you only have a website & zero social media platforms. They also give you modern appeal, professionalism & options to update in the event that you’re unable to get new photos in the coming months.

If you’re specifically looking for individual images of your employees or yourself, request a quote for a Brand Photography session. Together we can create a package that works for you & your company.

Amy Riordan ♡ Coeur d’Alene, Idaho
Commercial Photographer & Content Strategist
FAA Certified & Insured Drone Pilot

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