I’ve been thinking a lot about how some say that many of us “Millennials” have too many options at our feet & we are super indecisive. Well, here’s the thing, we were told that we could be anything we want to be, which I believe is a good thing to tell your child. And, with the internet, we could literally be whatever we want to be; we can research whatever we want to research; we can become anything we want to become. Yes, granted, some of it requires a college education, but think about it! Today’s world is an insane world when it comes to opportunities!

All of a sudden, our world opens up to a world where we can literally do anything we want to do, & that’s overwhelming! There’s not just one thing meant for one person! You may like to paint, but you are also into accounting. – There are sooooo many things that we could be or do; so many things that we want to try, that we should definitely try before we decide.

Sadly, though, we are also accustomed to instant gratification, & social media is making it seem like people are getting that success overnight. So, after a little bit of dabbling in one particular field, we think to ourselves, Why aren’t we getting there? What’s wrong with me? What’s keeping me from getting this amazing job?

In life, though, we must make a decision, or a commitment in order to get where we want to go & we aren’t doing that.

For example, if you want a Wendy’s burger, first you have to decide you want a Wendy’s burger. Then, you have to decide which one. Then, you have to make the commitment & order it. — You have to decide.

As a Millennial, I have all of these different ideas. I love being a Business Strategist; I love doing photography; I love doing web design. Having tried all of these things, I’m narrowing down my options… but I’m not choosing one. I have several goals, one of which is to be more fit & healthy. Have I chosen to work out? Have I chosen to eat healthier? – Essentially, have I ordered it? No. Because I haven’t made a commitment.

This is the issue we are facing right now. Zero commitment. Lots of want, lots of writing them down & planning them, but no choice. — I am planning for things I may never do.

We have to order! We have to sit down, figure it out, commit to it & give ourselves a timeline. Otherwise we are going to sit in limbo, going back & fourth on our choices, using every excuse in the book, until we are completely burned out.

This commitment shouldn’t be about how many followers you want to have, it needs to be about enjoying the process! — Want to climb Mt Everest? It takes two months to reach the summit, & you only have a few small moments there!!! — If you don’t enjoy the process, you’re wasting your life away. You’ll get to the top & say, “Now What?”

It’s not just about the goal, but the feeling you had while it was happening. It’s the same with eating healthy, getting fit &/or growing as a professional in any career. If you can find enjoyment in these things, you can bring that reality into your life. If you don’t enjoy gaining additional knowledge in your field, you won’t gain the knowledge you need to succeed.

It shouldn’t just be about eating the burger, but choosing which one & standing at the counter to order it. (This is why good customer service is a thing!) We are looking for enjoyment in our lives, but sometimes we have to create it!

This is the difference between successful people & ordinary people.

I saw a facebook post the other day that said if Michael Jordan had chosen to do both baseball & basketball, he wouldn’t be as great as he is today. – It’s SO TRUE. He committed to basketball & made that his #1 thing that he was going to be an expert at. And he succeeded!

It’s time to make a decision, commit & give yourself the time you deserve to be GREAT at something. – No more doubt. What do you want to be known for? DO IT.


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