I just recently discovered Kelly Clarkson’s free fan club when I came across the opportunity to meet her. On her next concert tour, you could earn points as her fan (sharing things on social media & uploading your fan photos) & ‘purchase’ opportunities to meet her or to get some of her products.

I was all over this.

For Christmas, I’d gotten tickets to see Kelly in Seattle, & being able to meet her on tour was something I’d dreamt of for quite some time. (Over the years I’ve been to at least 5 of her concerts.) So, I fought & fought to get enough points to ‘purchase’ this opportunity. There were only 4 slots, & I was going to buy one.

Unfortunately, when the time came, I was having internet issues & I completely missed out. This devastated me way more than it should have, but she’s always been my #1; the person I’ve always looked up to. I’d always hoped that one day I would find myself in a singing career just like hers – & to be as down-to-earth as she always seems to be on stage & during interviews.

The concert in Seattle – which was as incredible as ever – came & went. I was happy that I’d at least had great seats & someone there with me to sing along to all of her songs, but still – of course – a bit bummed about the missed opportunity. That said, I just told myself to get over it. She’s just a person.

Just a few months later, Kelly added a tour date that had her even closer to my home town. I figured I’d at least try again to meet her &, in the event that I missed out again, I could save money on buying the tickets to the concert. So I submitted all of my points to meet her.

And I got it.

There I am just after lunch at work – FREAKING THE HELL OUT… to put it lightly. I was about to meet the only celebrity I’ve ever truly wanted to meet.

Alright – Sidebar – Some of you, I’m sure, keep saying, “She’s just a person. What is the excitement here? What is this worth?” And my answer to that is – duh, I’ve always wanted to be a singer! In middle school, I watched Kelly rise to stardom & I voted for her the entire way. There are so many questions that I had for her, so many things I wanted to thank her for. She inspired me. She fought for her dreams in every way she could. She was who I wanted to be when I grew up.

So when the day came, I eagerly got in line to shake her hand. A girl in front of me told me all about how this was her third time meeting Kelly & I stood there upset for a few minutes… thinking about how she might be taking away opportunities for people who’ve never met her. And then there she was. Kelly Clarkson.

Very quickly I told her what an inspiration she was to me; how I’d followed her career from the very beginning. She was so gracious, & exactly as down-to-earth as she’s always seemed on TV. She asked me my name & luckily, I remembered. And then, she told me thank you. The whole, what? 60-second?, experience had me in pure awe. Not only had I found someone to look up to that didn’t seem to be phased by the limelight, but I had somehow gotten to meet her.

I suppose, from this experience, I learned that it doesn’t matter what other people think of your celebrity “obsession”… as long as you’re not a stalker. LOL Go meet your favorite celebrity. Tell them why you look up to them & how they’ve changed your life.

And, one more might be – if you’ve had the opportunity to meet your favorite celebrity, maybe do what you can to not take those opportunities away from others? 🙂


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