How To Prepare For Bringing In A Commercial Photographer

Are you planning on hiring a Commercial Photographer? Here is a layout of everything that you might consider doing to prepare. All of these details are in the hopes that your photographer will understand exactly what you’re looking for. 

Step 1: Create A Pinterest Board
This will give your photographer (& yourself) a lot of ideas of what you’re going for, what you find aesthetically pleasing, & how to layout your shots. Looking for ideas? You can find my Pinterest Boards HERE

Step 2: Gather Props
Regardless of the type of shoot you’re doing, you’ll want to start compiling a list of items you want to be a part of your shoot. Doing this in advance will help to make sure that you not only remember everything, but also give you the chance to borrow a few things from a friend if you need to. Don’t worry, I have recommendations! You can find my client checklists for AerialBrandingProductStyled Videography sessions using the links to each one. 

Step 3: Set A Deadline
When are you needing your images by? Clarifying this for yourself & making it clear to your photographer will give you both piece of mind from the start.

Step 3: Compile Data
Create an email for your photographer that has all of your social media links, the colors you’ve used in your logo (try to provide color codes), your deadline, the link to your new Pinterest board & attach a copy of your prop list & business card. 

Amy Riordan ♡ Coeur d’Alene, Idaho
Commercial Photographer & Content Strategist
FAA Certified & Insured Drone Pilot

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