Do you have questions? Here is the long list of photography questions I get. Of course, don't hesitate to reach out directly at [email protected]. I look forward to hearing from you!

What kinds of photography & videography options do you offer? I offer Aerial, Brand, Product & Styled sessions.

Do you offer custom packages? Yes. To request a custom quote, you can reach out via email or by visiting my Contact page.

After we are done shooting, what is your turnaround time for delivery of images? This will vary based on your company's specific needs. That said, I will always provide you with a deadline based on my schedule.

Do I have to be there for the shoot? Not if you don't want to or if you are limited on time. That said, I do request that the people at your business know that I am coming so that I don't cause any frustration to anyone.

How long have you been doing commercial photography? I started doing commercial photography in 2017.

How many businesses have you shot? As of February 2021, I have done work for over around 25 individual businesses.

Do you have a portfolio I could look at? Yes! You can find my portfolio HERE.

Do you have insurance? Yes, I'm currently insured through The Hartford.

How many hours are included in each package? You can find my packages, along with hourly details on my Service page.

Will the images be accessible online & for how long? Yes. All media  will be available online for up to 6 months following the shoot.

When will I receive the contract? A contract will be sent to you following our initial meeting & must be returned with deposit.

How much of a deposit do you require? 50% non-refundable deposit.

When is it due? Anytime prior to the shoot. I will not shoot any images or video without a deposit.

Do you accept payments in installations? No, only in terms of the 50% deposit & then remaining balance upon receipt of your media.

Do you carry backup equipment? Yes, additional SD cards, batteries (for all devices) camera options, lenses & drone blades.

Will you be posting about our business on your website and social media? Yes. This will always involve tagging you on social media (if you're on the platform) & providing a backlink to your website in the blog about your business.

Will you be submitting our photos to magazines or blogs? At this time, no.

Will I have the rights to the images? Media rights will depend on each individual project. For all stock images, I have kept the rights. These images can be sold repeatedly.

What is your refund or cancellation policy? The initial 50% deposit is non-refundable. If the shoot is cancelled 72 hours or more prior to the initially scheduled session, this deposit can be used as a credit toward another shoot. Rescheduling your shoot is permitted, as long as it is done so 72 hours prior to the initially scheduled session. All cancellations & rescheduling must be sent in writing via email or mail. If I (Amy Riordan, LLC) am unable to fulfill this contract for any reason, I will return the 50% deposit to the client and will have no further liability, with respect to this contract. This limitation on liability also applies in the event that photos and/or videos are damaged in processing, lost due to malfunction, or otherwise lost or damaged without fault on the part of me (Amy Riordan, LLC).


What type of drone do you have?
I fly a DJI Mavic Air. This is a smaller drone that has the ability to go 17+ miles per hour & has a 10-20 minute battery life.

How long can you fly? 
At this time, I have three batteries. These give me about 10-20 minutes of battery life each depending on whether I'm doing aerial photography or aerial videography services.

How high can you fly?
FAA regulations limit drone operation to a maximum of 400' unless you've requested special authorization.

Where can you fly?
The FAA limits where drones are able to fly, including near airports & in restricted area (National Parks, some state parks, etc). This will be reviewed prior to taking your project.

Are you licensed?
Yes. In order to fly commercially, to sell any of your content, you're required to be licensed every two years by the FAA. 

Are you insured?
Yes. I'm insured through The Hartford to protect myself & my customers.

What do you charge for aerial photography?
Prices will vary based on each individual project. I often start the pricing at $100 for vacant land images & it goes up from there.


What is a Branding Shoot?
As your Brand Photographer, I will create a collection of photos & videos that represent your brand. This could mean anything from styled images with your business card to interior & exterior shorts of your business, along with "in action" images of you & your employees working.

Does this include headshots?
This does not include your standard single image, head & shoulders headshot, but a variety of lifestyle media images with you as well as your employees if requested. For additional details, check out my blog post Personal Brand Photography vs Headshots.

How do I prepare for my shoot?
Following your initial consultation, you'll receive a custom checklist of items you need to have with you, anything that needs to be done before the shoot, etc.


Can I ship my products to you?
Yes. I do product & food photography for small businesses across the US. For additional details, use the Request A Quote link below.

How do I get my products back?
The customer pays for all shipping expenses. We will agree on a timeline during the booking process, & you will receive your product(s) following the shoot. 

What product photography options do I have?
North Idaho gives a wide variety of background options outdoors, including lakefront, sandy beaches, city buildings, etc. You also have the option for plain backgrounds & textured backgrounds. It just depends on what your needs are!

What types of products do you shoot? 
Products come in all shapes & sizes, & is only usually limited for shipping reasons. As a Product Photographer, I've shot everything from coffee to jewelry, books to industrial equipment. We can discuss what your needs are & move forward from there.

How do you price your product shoots?
I start with number of products & how many shots in how many variations you need. Some customers have three products & want just images, others have 10 products & also would like video clips. Standard pricing starts around $200.


What is a styled shoot? 
A Styled Shoot involves models wearing your products & showing off your services in a collection of images & videos. Originally created to shoot wedding décor & style, it's a way of showcasing your product "in action."

Does this always involve multiple companies?
No, sometimes it's one business showcasing their products, other times is a group of local non-competing businesses getting together to share the cost of the photoshoot (AND giving themselves the ability to tag each other on social media to maximize their exposure.)

Should I do this with another company?
You definitely don't have to, but it's highly recommended. Like I said above, this allows you to share the cost, feature your products & be tagged on social media so other customers in the area can find you.

How do I put together a styled shoot?
Reach out to other local non-competing businesses that you admire & ask them if they want to work with you. Sometimes brands compliment each other perfectly. For example, the image to the left is marketing a Coeur d'Alene clothing boutique AND a tanning salon.

How do you price styled shoots?
As a Styled Photographer, I price them based on the number of products, how many models are needed (because I get them together) & the time it will take to shoot. The pricing will start around $600 & goes up from there.


How do you price your videography sessions?
Videography can vary so much, so I price it all hourly & by the customer's request on how much editing it will take. Generally, prices will start around $1,000 & go up from there.

How many videography projects have you done?
Since 2019, I've worked on six different projects, including YouTube videos, a local documentary & a multiple day five-hour interview process. All of these projects range from 15 minutes to 5 hours in video length. This does not include Instagram Reels or Stories for customers.

Will this include drone videography?
Yes. Aerial videography can be included in your videography package. Please note that the drone does not record sound.

Why should I do video production for my business?
There are so many ways to use videography to benefit your business. Together, we can create a commercial, a documentary, YouTube videos for marketing your business, highlight real estate properties, etc. The list goes on...

Do you to Instagram Reels?
Yes! Not only will I brainstorm ideas with you, but I'll also help you create them or even create them for you. Reels are currently one of the BIGGEST things you can do right now to further your business online, as Instagram is eagerly competing with TikTok.