Do You Need A Commercial Photographer?

Hiring a Commercial Photographer is big expense for your business, is it worth it? How much time will you need to put into the process & what are the guarantees? Here are several things most Commercial Photographers can provide to your business, & why hiring them would be incredibly beneficial for your company. 

Whether you’re taking photos for your business or your employees are, you may be limiting your time with in-person current customers, accounting details, cleaning, & an array of additional details that may be just as important – if not more important – than posting on social media or updating your website. Save yourself time, & hire a Commercial Photographer that will provide you with a variety of images & videos of your products & services so that you can focus on other things.

Oftentimes with social media, we are so busy that we simply post to stay consistent. There’s no guarantee that we have high quality, vibrant images that are relevant to your business, but we know the algorithm wants consistency. With the right photographer, you’ll know that the images will be all of these things & more, leaving you to only worry about the description. (Don’t worry, I’ve got you! Check out my social media prompts HERE.)

With images that you’re proud to showcase (& a photographer to tag in them for extra exposure), you’ll have confidence for planning your posts in advance, eliminating the frustrations that come when you realize you haven’t posted today. 

Regardless of whether you’re a service provider or a product provider, you’ll have the ability to update your website seasonally. Not only does this boost your SEO (it looks good to Google), but it’s also a great excuse to shout out on social media to check out your latest website updates. 

You know those products you may have purchased from another retailer that you are now selling in-store? With custom local images (of your product in front of a city landmark), you’ll not only give customers the idea that this product might be exclusive to your shop, but it will also have you tagging the company you purchased the product from, & thus an opportunity for more exposure. 

Did you know that less than two thirds of local businesses don’t yet have a website? You can probably imagine, then, the number of your competitors that are using a Commercial Photographer. This could allow you to level up in so many ways against your competitors & have you stand out in your market by far. 

The latest trend in photography is aerial or drone shots. Find a Commercial Photographer who is an FAA License Drone Photographer, & you’ll be able to give your customers a completely new perspective of your business, or even products, from the air. This new perspective will not only have customers viewing your company in a different way, but they will instantly become more aware of your marketing efforts. Kudos!

A really creative way to handle your marketing is to do it with other non-competing local businesses. Often called a ‘styled shoot’, & even more often considered a wedding trend, this is the process of getting a Commercial Photographer, a few models & taking shots that will once again allow you to tag on social media.

For example, if you are a boutique owner, you’ll want images featuring your clothing on models. You then get together with a local coffee shop, a hair stylist & a makeup artist. (These images would most likely be of a few people sitting in front of the coffee shop with their drinks, wearing your product, with beautifully styled hair & makeup.) All four of your businesses are not only sharing the cost of this photoshoot, but you’ll also tag each other in all of the photos posted on social media, increasing your exposure immensely. Now THAT is one amazing community.

With each image & video, you’re documenting little things about your business. Not only prized possessions to you, but also really great content for your followers & website visitors. People love knowing the ins & outs of their favorite businesses, & the vulnerability is often what connects them to you. With a Commercial Photographer or Videographer, you’re showing everyone your story. Why did you start your business? What was the process? Were there any mistakes? Do you have any regrets? Etc, etc, etc. 

Ultimately, yes, hiring a Commercial Photographer is very beneficial to a small business. You’re gaining a wide variety of content for your business that can be used & reused. Not sure quite how to reuse your images? Check out my blog on it HERE.

Amy Riordan ♡ Coeur d’Alene, Idaho
Commercial Photographer & Content Strategist
FAA Certified & Insured Drone Pilot

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