One-On-One Marketing Consulting Services 

Are you needing to delve deep into your business marketing plan? Whether your unsure of where to start, or you're hoping to dive into a specific area first, I'm your person. We will discuss everything from priorities to implementation.

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The challenge

Increase Brand Awareness Across All Platforms

Your city is growing, & your company needs to grow with it. How can you highlight your business so that it stands out in the crowd? How can you bring your business to the next level?

The solution

Consulting Specific To Your Business

Whether you're a real estate firm that is working with numerous agents who are marketing themselves, or you're a small business with two or three employees - heck, even if it's just you - meetings designed to get you familiar with Instagram, search engine optimization, WordPress or even using Canva, can make ALL THE DIFFERENCE.

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The results

Rave Reviews!

The results are in, & they are amazing! My easy, updated step-by step processes makes moving forward with that first Instagram Reel, the first live video, finally getting onto TikTok, etc not only bareable, but for many, a breeze. Get started today to change the way your business does marketing forever.


"Amy is truly incredible at what she does! I hired Amy to help me with my book launch and with every task I asked her to help with, she blew me away.  She's a total pro at strategy, Canva design and organization. Her passion for projects she takes on is contagious. She has a true gift and a great personality. You'll love working with Amy!"


Dr. Lauren Cook
Psychologist. Author & Career Coach

"Amy was a plethora of knowledge! She was able to break things down that I was struggling with and absolutely upgrade the areas I thought I had nailed down! Thank you so much!"


Darrin Halliday
Marketing Director, Pioneer Title Company

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