A bucket list is all about you becoming the person that you’ve always wanted to be. It’s about building a world around you that you enjoy living in. It’s all about Y.O.U., but that’s also what makes it about other people. After all, if you’re living in a world surrounded by angry people, how happy do you think you’ll find yourself? Practicing compassion for others will not only make you a happier person, (trust me) it will make those around you happier, & potentially more compassionate themselves.
Compassion is lacking in the world around us today, even in the simplest forms. It’s the “excuse me” in the grocery store; the pause & a wave letting you take that last parking spot. It is compassion that allows a great majority of us to see the world in a positive light, & giving out that positive light can often feel incredibly good. It’s a form of paying it forward; a way of showing others that compassion still exists & to spread it around. (Did I mention it also doesn’t cost a dime?)

Now, I’m not saying you need to add these items to your ‘official’ bucket list, after all, these are tiny little things that are simply about making your world go ’round a little smoother. But what I am saying is that, as you complete your big bucket list item, keep compassion (and the list I’ve created below) in the back of your mind. You might just be surprised at how much the world changes around you.

1. Get in the left lane at a through stop light to allow those going right to go right.
2. Put an item divider in between your food & the person behind you at the grocery store.
3. Say ‘excuse me’ politely if you find yourself in someone’s way as you shop.
4. If you’re not busy that day, find a parking spot toward the back.
5. If someone is tailgating you, don’t purposely go slower.
6. When holding up several cars, pull over & allow them to pass.
7. Drive in the right hand lane on the freeway, except to pass.
8. Be considerate of any & all signs you pass on your daily journey.
9. Truly believe that the person going slow in front of you is probably transporting a cake.
10. Move one (or two) seat(s) down in a movie theatre for a group of people.
11. Pick up garbage around you if you are able.
12. Write good reviews, not just bad ones.

Thank you for reading!
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