Looking for quality media of people modeling your products? With collaborative sessions, you can seasonally gain content for your social profiles & showcase your product or service vibrantly on your website.

Collaborative photography (also known as 'Style Shoot Photography') is the process of photographing products & services with models.

Collaborative Shoots are often done with non-competing businesses at a shared cost. Collaborative images & video shoots grow more & more popular with time, because it not only gives you the opportunity to show customers what your products & services look like 'in the field', but it also gives you the ability to connect with other small business owners, share the cost of a photo shoot & tag each other on social media platforms for maximum exposure.

There are numerous ways that businesses can take advantage of collaborative media sessions.

Showcase Your Business: We will capture images & videos of models to showcase your business atmosphere. Whether you own a restaurant, spa, salon, real estate office, boutique shop, etc. this will give future customers an idea of how you operate.
Showcase Your Products: With models holding your food, beverage, or wearing your boutique clothing, future customers will see your product displayed in a very desirable & 'lifestyle' way.
Share The Cost: Purchase a collaborative media shoot for your business alone, or contact a non-competing business owner (or two) to collaborate. You share the cost, tag each other on social media for great exposure & ultimately build a meaningful small business community.
Get Noticed: Quality images will have your business standing out from the others. Pair that with a shared style shoot, & you have the ability to build each other up - on social media & in person.
& More: Of course, there are always other opportunities. The possibilities with collaborative media shoots are just about endless.


Here's what happens after you click "Book Now".


Select Book Now to choose your package & provide me with your contact information & just a few details about your photo & video needs. I will respond within 48 hours of your request with additional questions & to schedule your discovery call.


We will have a Discovery Call to talk about your styled shoot goals; when you are expecting images, what your photo needs are, payment options, your schedule, etc.


If you'll be collaborating (highly recommended) with other non-competing local businesses, you'll want to Confirm Participation at this time.


A 50% Non-Refundable Deposit & Contract is required per business to book.


We will then schedule a Content Strategy Meeting that will cover the details of each business, all of your priorities, checklists to prepare for the shoot & more.


Now we are ready to Schedule Your Photo & Video Session(s)!


Final Payment is due the day of your shoot, prior to the shoot.


Now we are ready for the Shoot. This will be done referencing a Pinterest Board (if applicable) & assuming that you've completed any checklists provided to you in preparation.


The Editing Process can vary based on your selected package, your business needs & specific sets of images, but you'll have the timeline based on our initial contract as a guideline.


Receive Your Photo Collection!

Amy is amazing! She is so professional and is passionate about her work. She really cares about making the clients vision come true!! I would highly recommend her to any one with photography needs!
- Jess Malloy | Gypsy Lash Company | Post Falls, ID

Jess Malloy


Styled Photography Coeur d'Alene Spokane

What is a collaborative shoot? 
A Collaborative Shoot involves models wearing your products & showing off your services in a collection of images & videos. Originally created to shoot wedding décor & style, it's a way of showcasing your product "in action."

Does this always involve multiple companies?
No, sometimes it's one business showcasing their products, other times is a group of local non-competing businesses getting together to share the cost of the photoshoot (AND giving themselves the ability to tag each other on social media to maximize their exposure.)

Should I do this with another company?
You definitely don't have to, but it's highly recommended. Like I said above, this allows you to share the cost, feature your products & be tagged on social media so other customers in the area can find you.

How do I put together a collaborative shoot?
Reach out to other local non-competing businesses that you admire & ask them if they want to work with you. Sometimes brands compliment each other perfectly. For example, the image to the left is marketing a Coeur d'Alene clothing boutique AND a tanning salon.

How do you price collaborative shoots?
As a Collaborative Media Photographer, I price them based on the number of products, how many models are needed (because I get them together) & the time it will take to shoot. The pricing will start around $600 & goes up from there.

Alexis Sandoval, 208 Tees Styled Photography Coeur d'Alene Idaho

Amy is fantastic! I modeled some apparel for her for a local company and was impressed with her creative eye. She was easy to work with and captured/edited clean shots in a short amount of time. Her aerial photography images are also particularly impressive! - Alexis Sandoval | Coeur d'Alene, ID



When I'm in Styled Photographer mode, I use the Canon Rebel T7, videography on the DJI Osmo Pocket, or using my iPhone 11, depending on the needed aspect. For drone shots, I use my DJI Mavic Air.

Additional resources that I use are Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom & Adobe Premier Pro for video editing.