How To Prepare For Bringing In A Commercial Photographer

Are you planning on hiring a Commercial Photographer? Here is a layout of everything that you might consider doing to prepare. All of these details are in the hopes that your photographer will understand exactly what you’re looking for.  Step 1: Create A Pinterest BoardThis will give your photographer (& yourself) a lot of ideas…

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How To Reuse Your Commercial Images

Trying to get by with a few slightly dated commercial images? As long as the images are still applicable to your brand, there’s no reason why you can’t reuse them. Here are several ways to reuse your commercial images.  FLIP ITMost image editors give you the ability to flip your image horizontally, giving it a…

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Social Media Prompts For Your Commercial Images

Social Media Prompts

So you hired a Commercial Photographer & you’ve received your images. Now what? There are only so many images on social media that you want to post with a quote beneath them. Here is my layout of social media prompts for when you’re ready to post those beautiful shots. – Just make sure that the picture…

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