10 Reasons Why Your Small Biz Social Content SUCKS

10 Reasons Why Your Small Business Social Content SUCKS.

pushing themselves to do just about everything on their own in their business, are struggling to gain traction with their content for one reason or another. This list is not to make you feel bad about your content, it’s to make sure that you are aware of what’s going on. Content suckery is super common, lacks interaction & pretty much erases the work you’ve done to be consistent. 

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My 8 Favorite Coeur d’Alene Coffee Shops

Whether you’re new to the area or you’ve lived here all of your life, Coeur d’Alene definitely has a market for drive-through coffee shops & amazing beverage sweet treats. Having lived here most of my life, I’ve gotten to know what I like where – & if you know anything about me, you should know that I am PICKY when it comes to my coffees, teas & snacks…

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Social Media Prompts For Your Commercial Images

Social Media Prompts

So you hired a Commercial Photographer & you’ve received your images. Now what? There are only so many images on social media that you want to post with a quote beneath them. Here is my layout of social media prompts for when you’re ready to post those beautiful shots. – Just make sure that the picture…

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Terrified To Move Forward, Terrified To Stand Still

Brand new adventures & projects are my favorite. A friend starting a new business, a company trying to boost their social media following or the possibility that I could probably paint my entire kitchen while my husband is backpacking in Alaska – these are all sweet little somethings that distract me from one BIG FAT ISSUE: I’m horribly terrified of actually putting myself out there. And this has only gotten worse with age. What the fuck is going on?!

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Adulting & Accountability | Leading By Example

Standing in the kitchen the other day, I had what I thought was an epiphany… only to realize that it was more like a shower thought. But I decided to do a blog post about it anyway. As children, we are so eager to be adults; to be able to do anything we want whenever…

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An Ode To 2019 | Setting The Goal To Go Without

photographer and business strategist

Goal setting is an art not specifically for setting goals to accomplish, but sometimes making plans to let go. In previous years, I’ve made plans to go a year without… Cheetos, Soda & other things. This year, however, for health reasons, is a big one for me. 2019 marked the sixth year that I was…

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