Great products, but zero quality images?
You're a busy business owner. You probably don't have time to take detailed product shots for your social media platform or website. Let me help!

Product photography is the process of capturing close-up custom photos of what you sell against backdrops or in applicable applications to give your customers the full details all in just a few images.

Custom product images are important!
They give businesses the ability to stand out in online marketing. Instead of using stock images of your product or quick shots of what you sell, you can provide vibrant detailed shots that give your product more depth.

Freelance product photography & videography can enhance the way that you share your product with the world.

Skincare Product Photography: Skincare products, specifically against a clean white or cream background give your customer a crisp look. They want their skin to feel as clean & beautiful as your products look.
Apparel Product Photography: Photographing apparel in styled layouts or on models gives customers an idea of how to style an outfit, as well as how it might fit them. *Apparel product photography is my most requested service.*
Jewelry Product Photography: Getting creative with photographing jewelry is fun, because everything sparkles! Let me help you with your jewelry product photography, you won't regret it!
Food & Drink Photography: Alright truth - I'm a serious foodie. Let's add some spice to your menu with new food & drink photos! My most favorite food & drink photography shots? Coffee!!



Check out the Product Photography options & pricing below. Let me know if you have any questions by reaching out at [email protected] or click Book Now at the bottom of this section to request a custom quote.

Product Detail Shots
Starting at $299.00

Individual product shots with your item against a plain or textured background, giving your customers the details & clarity they need to see all that your product can offer.

Hometown Feel
Starting at $299.00

Product shots with Spokane, Coeur d'Alene (or any hometown) in the background will instantly make it obvious to your customers that these products are made or can be purchased locally! 

Application Shots
Starting at $399.00

Application shots show your product in the works. Whether you're a coffee shop owner in need of a model to drink your coffee or you make jewelry & you need to borrow an earlobe, I've got you covered!

*A deposit of 50% is required in order to schedule each shoot.  There's a fee of $.50/mile if I'll be required to travel 30+ miles outside of Coeur d'Alene, ID. Aerial photographers are often limited due to FAA regulations when it comes to weather & specific locations. Raw images or video are not provided to my clients. Additional services can be arranged & quoted to you by request. All packages will vary based on your specific business needs. Social Media packages do not include posting or scheduling.


My Product Photography process is outlined below to give you an idea of how I work. Completely organized, you'll receive a detailed intro packet once you inquire, & a custom welcome packet once we are booked. 

week five (1)

You click "Book Now" & we schedule a time to meet to discuss your commercial photography needs so that I can provide you custom pricing.

You'll provide an initial deposit, create a Pinterest board & get ready to meet once more to discuss footage, ideas & the overall project timeline.

Following a little bit of prep work outlined for you in our previous meeting, I'll now  start taking the photos &/or videos for your small business!

You'll receive a Dropbox link from me via email to access all of your edited photo &/or video footage!


Sweet Pea Collective Earrings, Amy Riordan Commercial Photographer Coeur d'Alene & Spokane

Can I ship my products to you?
Yes. I do product & food photography for small businesses across the US. For additional details, use the Request A Quote link below.

How do I get my products back?
The customer pays for all shipping expenses. We will agree on a timeline during the booking process, & you will receive your product(s) following the shoot. 

What product photography options do I have?
North Idaho gives a wide variety of background options outdoors, including lakefront, sandy beaches, city buildings, etc. You also have the option for plain backgrounds & textured backgrounds. It just depends on what your needs are!

What types of products do you shoot? 
Products come in all shapes & sizes, & is only usually limited for shipping reasons. As a Product Photographer, I've shot everything from coffee to jewelry, books to industrial equipment. We can discuss what your needs are & move forward from there.

How do you price your product shoots?
I start with number of products & how many shots in how many variations you need. Some customers have three products & want just images, others have 10 products & also would like video clips. Standard pricing starts around $200.



As a Product Photographer - apparel photography & jewelry product photography - I use my Canon Rebel T7. For videography, I'll be using my DJI Osmo Pocket. Occasionally, I will use my iPhone 11 for projects, specifically those for social media posts. For aerial images & video, I use my DJI Mavic Air.

For all editing, I use the Adobe Creative Cloud, including Photoshop, Lightroom & Premier Pro.


Use the form below to book a Product Photography session in Coeur d'Alene, Spokane or surrounding areas. For remote requests, please tell me your location, & we will discuss product shipment. I look forward to working with you! 


5 Stars

"Amy is great at what she does! Her work is unique and professional. She is very friendly and takes the time to get to know her client and brand in a personal way. She is very personable and easy to get along with, as well as working with your vision and requests. She is very prompt and had our product shoot back in a very timely manner. I loved working with Amy and would highly recommend her for your photography needs!" - Ashlee Anderson, Great Escape Espresso

"Amy is an amazing commercial photographer and a delight to work with. Whether you need product photography, aerial photography, or styled shoots, Amy has the skills to make your business look good. I highly recommend Amy's services!"
-Erik Wardell, Pathfinder SEO

"Amy is amazing! She is so professional and is passionate about her work. She really cares about making the clients vision come true!! I would highly recommend her to any one with photography needs!" - Jess Malloy, Gypsy Lash Company

"Amy is truly incredible at what she does! I worked with Amy for a virtual mental health conference and she helped me set up the set and guided me on how to take all the photos since we couldn't be in person together. She then edited all the photos and they looked so professional afterwards! She has a true gift and a great personality. You'll love working with Amy!" - Dr. Lauren Cook

"Amy is wonderful and professional! She takes her work seriously and delivers great results. She truly cares about her clients and their success. A must-hire for your photography needs!" - Erin Flynn, Successfully Simple

"Amy goes above and beyond for her clients. All work she produces is exceptional and of the highest quality. She is also a joy to work with!" - Samantha Pope, Sweet Pea Collective

"No matter what Amy is doing she always does an excellent job and is someone you count on. She loves what she does and is always cheerful and an absolute delight to be around." - Randy Henley, Windermere Realty

"Amy is prompt and professional. A very talented photographer! Highly recommend!"
- Laura Beyer, Coeur d'Alene Charter Academy 

"Highly recommend! Amy is professional, prompt and wonderful to work with." - Brittany Shaver, Mike White Ford

"Working with Amy has been very fun an informative. Not only did she take aerial photos of my home, but she is always helping me with details on how I can boost my business on social media. She's kind , clearly loves what she does an I'm constantly recommending her to my family an friends." - Janina Lopez, Body Bar Esthetics

"Amy has done all of our aerial photography, starting with standard shots of our main building, and now she is working on shots as we prepare to build our new addition. She's always quick to respond and get out in the field. She's professional, reliable, certified and very knowledgeable about her drone and it's capabilities. I'd highly recommend her to any business looking to record their growth or to boost their online presence with high quality aerial images. Commercial Photography Coeur d'Alene is now at a completely different level because of her." - Ron Finnicum, Summit Mold

"I just finished a product shoot for my floral business, it was nothing short of amazing! She is a wealth of knowledge and always teaching me new ways to expand my business social media presence as well. I am so excited to work with her again soon! Thanks Amy!!!" - Holly Brunner, Pollen & Petal

"Amy’s eye for detail is reflected in her photography. She knows how to find the color and the beauty in her subject. She is very responsive and thoughtful. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️" - Joelle Goodman, Pearl Realty 

"If you want a storytelling/branding expert who also happens to be an incredible photographer, hire Amy! I had no idea how much attention, creativity, and branding knowledge goes into photography until I met Amy. She’s THE best photographer out there. It’s not just hiring someone with a camera— Amy really understands my brand and the story I want to tell. And she translates it perfectly. Love working with Amy time and time again!" - Paige Wilhide, Breakup Breakthrough

"We love our photos that Amy provided for 208 Tees! Unlike most photographers we’ve used her lifestyle photos don’t look posed and awkward. She did a great job editing to not change the product colors are displayed which is an issue we’ve had in the past. We can’t wait to do a full shoot of all of our products ♥️ Thank you Amy!!!!!" - Emily Browning, 208 Tees

"Very professional, with flexible hours that worked well for my company’s needs. Beautiful work - cinema worthy!"
- Justin Malloy, Idaho Veneer

"Amy is fantastic! I modeled some apparel for her for a local company and was impressed with her creative eye. She was easy to work with and captured/edited clean shots in a short amount of time. Her aerial photography images are also particularly impressive!"
- Ali Foutch, Pearl Realty

"Amy is a hard working professional who will go above and beyond to make sure you are satisfied with her work! She is detail oriented and truly takes the time to get to know her clients and perfect her projects!" - Meghan Chlanda, Phoenix, AZ

"Amy Riordan has shown to be very professional in all regards and wonderful to have in our community" - Joel Goodman, Retired

"Amy has all the qualities that make an amazing photographer. She's passionate, kind, mindful and artistic. I am able to relax with Amy knowing she will honor my best interests and create something both artistic and professional. She asks all the right questions up front find the best solutions for clients. Not only is Amy passionate about her work she is extremely fun to be around. Her end product is a reflection of someone doing what she loves and helping others." - Jamie Anderson, Executive Assistant, Seattle, WA