Are you struggling to stand out against competitors?
Give your audience a completely different perspective with aerial images & video!

Aerial photography (also known as 'Drone Photography') is the process of photographing property from the air with a drone camera. This requires professional licensing with the Federal Aviation Administration for any commercial applications.

Aerial images & video can help you stand out!
Instead of seeing a standard building, home or landscape image, your audience is getting a birds-eye view & ultimately a perspective that will have you standing out in a crowd.

You can use aerial photography & videography to your advantage in several ways.

Exterior Building Shots: Exterior images of your building will give you fun new angles to promote your business with.
Area Images & Video: Coeur d'Alene & Spokane aerial footage shows customers where you are, but also has them stopping in awe.
Real Estate Properties: Aerial images allow a property to stand out in a sea of properties available online.
Movie Production Companies: For years, you've been seeing aerial photography & videography, giving projects a little more depth.
& More: Of course, there are always other opportunities. The possibilities with drone photography are just about endless.


Here's what happens after you click "Book Now".


Select Book Now to choose your package & provide me with your contact information & just a few details about your photo & video needs. I will respond within 48 hours of your request with additional questions & to schedule your discovery call.


We will have a Discovery Call to talk about your photography goals; when you are expecting images, what your photo needs are, payment options, your schedule, etc.


A 50% Non-Refundable Deposit & Contract is required to book an Ala Carte or Day In The Life shoot. The Concierge package is paid in monthly installments on the first of every month, with the first month being prorated if applicable.


We will then schedule a Content Strategy Meeting (for Concierge & Day In The Life packages) that will cover the finite details of your business, including your brand colors, how many employee images you'll need, your priorities, checklists to prepare for each shoot & more.


Now we are ready to Schedule Your Photo & Video Session(s)!


Final Payment (for Ala Carte & Day In The Life Packages) is due the day of your shoot, prior to the shoot.


Now we are ready for the Shoot. This will be done referencing a Pinterest Board (if applicable) & assuming that you've completed any checklists provided to you in preparation.



The Editing Process can vary based on your selected package, your business needs & specific sets of images, but you'll have the timeline based on our initial contract as a guideline.

Receive Your Photo Collection!

Amy is not just a photographer-she is family. I worked with Amy on a project for my business and the experience was beyond amazing. She dedicated so much time and attention to truly understand who I am and what I do. Her deliverables were amazing. Her talent is in her craft, but also in how she connects with those around her. My clients fell in love with her, too. She is part of our tribe now-she should be part of yours, too. - Molly Kreyssler | Bloom 

Molly Kreyssler


Aerial Photography Coeur d'Alene Spokane

What type of drone do you have?
I fly a DJI Mavic Air. This is a smaller drone that has the ability to go 17+ miles per hour & has a 10-20 minute battery life.

How long can you fly? 
At this time, I have three batteries. These give me about 10-20 minutes of battery life each depending on whether I'm doing aerial photography or aerial videography services.

How high can you fly?
FAA regulations limit drone operation to a maximum of 400' unless you've requested special authorization.

Where can you fly?
The FAA limits where drones are able to fly, including near airports & in restricted area (National Parks, some state parks, etc). This will be reviewed prior to taking your project.

Are you licensed?
Yes. In order to fly commercially, to sell any of your content, you're required to be licensed every two years by the FAA. 

Are you insured?
Yes. I'm insured through The Hartford to protect myself & my customers.

What do you charge for aerial photography?
Prices will vary based on each individual project. I often start the pricing at $100 for vacant land images & it goes up from there.

aerial photography post falls idaho summit mold

Amy has done all of our aerial photography, starting with standard shots of our main building, and now she is working on shots as we prepare to build our new addition. She's always quick to respond and get out in the field. She's professional, reliable, certified and very knowledgeable about her drone and it's capabilities. I'd highly recommend her to any business looking to record their growth or to boost their online presence with high quality aerial images. Commercial Photography Coeur d'Alene is now at a completely different level because of her. - Summit Mold | Post Falls, ID



I am an FAA Certified & Insured Part 107 Drone Pilot/ Aerial Photographer. This requires passing a lengthy test on aviation rules & guidelines in order to sell my services. I've been flying my DJI Mavic Air drone since 2019, and officially got licensed with the FAA in 2020. Alternative photography is done using my Canon Rebel T7, videography on the DJI Osmo Pocket, & I even use my iPhone 11 occasionally for social media videos.

Additional resources used include Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom & Adobe Premier Pro for video editing.