Are you struggling to stand out against competitors?
Give your audience a completely different perspective with aerial images & video!

Aerial photography (also known as 'Drone Photography') is the process of photographing property from the air with a drone camera. This requires professional licensing with the Federal Aviation Administration for any commercial applications.

Aerial images & video can help you stand out!
Instead of seeing a standard building, home or landscape image, your audience is getting a birds-eye view & ultimately a perspective that will have you standing out in a crowd.

You can use aerial photography & videography to your advantage in several ways.

Exterior Building Shots: Exterior images of your building will give you fun new angles to promote your business with.
Area Images & Video: Coeur d'Alene & Spokane aerial footage shows customers where you are, but also has them stopping in awe.
Real Estate Properties: Aerial images allow a property to stand out in a sea of properties available online.
Movie Production Companies: For years, you've been seeing aerial photography & videography, giving projects a little more depth.
& More: Of course, there are always other opportunities. The possibilities with drone photography are just about endless.



Aerial photography pricing starts at $100, & depends on the location of the shoot. There are limitations to places located near airports, but we will discuss this further during your consultation call. This service is weather dependent, as I cannot fly in the rain or snow.

Request your aerial package pricing using the link below. This pricing is based specifically on your company needs, & will also be based on how many shots you require, as well as whether or not you'll be needing photos or videos.

All Pricing Requests will receive a response within 5 hours. Requesting & waiting for photography quotes sucks, so I'm promising you right now that I won't leave you hanging! Even when I am out of the office, someone will be available to respond. 


For all of my photography services, I have a five step process. This is designed to make working with me as your aerial photographer as simple as possible, so that you can focus on other aspects of your business while I handle the drone work. 

1. Quote Request
Why are you wanting aerial photos?

Tell me all about your business & what you'd like to highlight most through aerial shots. Maybe it's your proximity to the lake, a downtown area, or your rooftop bar. Whatever it is, I'll make sure to capture what you've envisioned. 


2. Consultation
Now I outline how I can help you!

Your consultation is all about making sure we are on the same page. We will discuss different aerial photography options, angles, how many images or video clips you need & when you need them by. 

4. Production
It's time to launch the drone!

With aerial photography, you don't necessarily have to be present the day of the shoot, but you're more than welcome to! With the session prep details, I'll have guidelines to follow & a deadline set for when you'll receive the footage. The only hard part now is waiting. 

3. Session Prep
Let's get ready for your aerial shoot!

To start, I will require a 50% non-refundable deposit. You'll then receive a production schedule & a checklist of things previously discussed in the consultation that need to be done prior to the shoot. 

Editing & Results
The fun process of editing aerial shots!

Editing your images & videos will vary depending on your specific project, but consultation & session prep will clearly outline a deadline as to when your footage will be ready. Of course, don't hesitate to reach out with any concerns or questions while you're waiting. 

*A deposit of 50% is required in order to start each shoot.  There's a fee of $.50/mile if I'll be required to travel 30+ miles outside of Coeur d'Alene, ID. Aerial photographers are often limited due to FAA regulations when it comes to weather & specific locations. Raw images or video are not provided to my clients. Additional services can be arranged & quoted to you by request.


created by dji camera

What type of drone do you have?
I fly a DJI Mavic Air. This is a smaller drone that has the ability to go 17+ miles per hour & has a 10-20 minute battery life.

How long can you fly? 
At this time, I have three batteries. These give me about 10-20 minutes of battery life each depending on whether I'm doing aerial photography or aerial videography services.

How high can you fly?
FAA regulations limit drone operation to a maximum of 400' unless you've requested special authorization.

Where can you fly?
The FAA limits where drones are able to fly, including near airports & in restricted area (National Parks, some state parks, etc). This will be reviewed prior to taking your project.

Are you licensed?
Yes. In order to fly commercially, to sell any of your content, you're required to be licensed every two years by the FAA. 

Are you insured?
Yes. I'm insured through The Hartford to protect myself & my customers.

What do you charge for aerial photography?
Prices will vary based on each individual project. I often start the pricing at $100 for vacant land images & it goes up from there.



I am an FAA Certified & Insured Part 107 Drone Pilot/ Aerial Photographer. This requires passing a lengthy test on aviation rules & guidelines in order to sell my services. I've been flying my DJI Mavic Air drone since 2019, and officially got licensed with the FAA in 2020. Alternative photography is done using my Canon Rebel T7, videography on the DJI Osmo Pocket, & I even use my iPhone 11 occasionally for social media videos.

Additional resources used include Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom & Adobe Premier Pro for video editing.


Hey! I'm Amy Riordan, a Commercial & Aerial Photographer. I began to incorporate Drone Photography into my portfolio in 2019. In 2020, I became licensed as an FAA Certified Part 107 Drone Pilot. I'm also insured for my drone services as well. My passion for flying, learning about the industry, taking drone safety precautions & creating amazing aerial content continuously grows. I will say that this is my favorite Commercial Photography category, because it gives people a completely different perspective & often an unseen view of our area.  For more information about me, see the About Page.

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5 Stars

"Amy is great at what she does! Her work is unique and professional. She is very friendly and takes the time to get to know her client and brand in a personal way. She is very personable and easy to get along with, as well as working with your vision and requests. She is very prompt and had our product shoot back in a very timely manner. I loved working with Amy and would highly recommend her for your photography needs!" - Ashlee Anderson, Great Escape Espresso

"Amy is an amazing commercial photographer and a delight to work with. Whether you need product photography, aerial photography, or styled shoots, Amy has the skills to make your business look good. I highly recommend Amy's services!"
-Erik Wardell, Pathfinder SEO

"Amy is amazing! She is so professional and is passionate about her work. She really cares about making the clients vision come true!! I would highly recommend her to any one with photography needs!" - Jess Malloy, Gypsy Lash Company

"Amy is truly incredible at what she does! I worked with Amy for a virtual mental health conference and she helped me set up the set and guided me on how to take all the photos since we couldn't be in person together. She then edited all the photos and they looked so professional afterwards! She has a true gift and a great personality. You'll love working with Amy!" - Dr. Lauren Cook

"Amy is wonderful and professional! She takes her work seriously and delivers great results. She truly cares about her clients and their success. A must-hire for your photography needs!" - Erin Flynn, Successfully Simple

"Amy goes above and beyond for her clients. All work she produces is exceptional and of the highest quality. She is also a joy to work with!" - Samantha Pope, Sweet Pea Collective