Hey! I'm Amy, a Photographer specializing in product & aerial media. I'm a proud wife, dog mom & optimist based in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.

As a former Social Media Strategist, I discovered my passion for photography helping small local businesses create content for their platforms. Many of these business owners were frustrated with the lack of time & lack of content they need to grow online. This is when I began considering the idea of connecting non-competing businesses for styled shoots. Not only does this allow them to get quality photos at a shared price, but it also creates community connections & provides excellent tagging exposure on social media.

Follow me as I navigate this crazy world of owning your own business, documenting the good, the bad & the in-between & ultimately (hopefully) finding success as an Entrepreneur. 


• Our dog, Penny, has her own Instagram account.
• My husband & I got married in 2018; you can still find our engagement story in the blog archives. ♡
• I still keep my bucket list on this site, you can find it HERE.
• All website photos (minus headshots) are mine.
Zipfizz is my favorite energy drink. (Pink Lemonade with Strawberry, Vanilla & Cream if I'm being specific.)
• I'm a Seahawk fan, a Montana Grizzly fan & enjoy the occasional baseball or hockey game. 


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