Hey, I'm Amy, a certified Life Coach & NLP Practitioner. I help people transition their lives during difficult times. Whether you've recently lost someone close to you, went through a bad breakup, or are stuck in a rut & cannot seem to get out of it, I'm here to help you in any way that I can.

After over a decade of frustrating transitions, & an ongoing obsession with researching self-help technique, I decided to explore life coaching. The only problem was that, not only did I find the term 'Life Coach' incredibly broad, but it also seemed over-used. Then I found Transition Coaching.  

We are constantly going through personal transitions; struggling to write the book we've always wanted to write, fighting to move on after our ex cheated, feeling stuck for weeks - or even months - on end. That ends now; that ends right here. It seems that so many of us have forgotten to make time for ourselves, to really get to know who we are & focus on building a truly enlightening & personal relationship with ourselves. This is what I want to focus on, through coaching, blog posts, podcast episodes & beyond. 

On this website & all of my social media outlets, you'll see that I've focused much of my time on self-help research, ways to get out of a rut, how to truly understand yourself & much more. You'll also find a mixture of personal anecdotes, motivational speeches, inspirational quotes, random personal questionnaires, my favorite recommendations, bucket list banter & fun photography shots. 

If you read the intro on the home page, who would I be if I didn't tell you a little bit about what I've figured out along the way?  And, if you don't want to read this, we can just save it for my future children...

I'm a stubborn perfectionist who is eager to please & easily gets a little lost in the process. Because of this, I know that I'm great at focusing on the needs of others. I'm a good wife & dog mom, a foodie to the core, a Seahawks fan through & through, a Zipfizz lover & someone who will always be up for curling up to read a good book or binge watch a TV show. I'm a passionate writer & photographer, both of which I am really good at (yes, I said it). I love to learn as much as possible, which makes it easy to confuse my greatest passions, but, let's be honest, that's better than not having passion for anything at all. I'm quick to compare myself to others, bad at geography & math, a sugar fiend, & I'm just learning about where I stand on most political issues. 

I'm a writer above all, but I also love singing, photography, drawing, coloring, inspiring others & sometimes I really enjoy running. I LOVE Kelly Clarkson music & Reese Witherspoon movies. I'm horribly afraid of bees, I clean when I'm angry & I would have cereal for breakfast, lunch & dinner every day if I could. I rarely get sick of having the same meal or drink day in & day out (ask anyone). I'm really good at holding grudges, good at hiding it & hold onto them way longer than I should. I'm the person you would call if you were in trouble, needed someone to lean on or vent to, no questions asked, regardless of who you are. I'm your rock even if you throw them at me, which has me easily taken advantage of, but solid as a person & I honestly believe that's what counts. 


It's blunt, completely honest & real. 

Your turn! -- Email Me: Who Are YOU?


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