7 Types Of Commercial Photography Your Business Needs

Whether you’re a service based or product focused business, each & every one of the following will benefit your business immensely. All of these different types of commercial photography will give your business a serious edge over your competition.

1. Local Aerial Images
Future customers love having a connection with the businesses they are purchasing from. Online AND brick-and-mortar businesses can BOTH draw attention to themselves with vibrant local images. Specifically, connecting with your customers on your about page by showing them the city in which you work from can make things a little more personal for them. 

2. Interior & Exterior Business Shots
Look! Another way to connect. Show future clients your desk space, your office building & all of the beautiful décor that you’ve added to enhance the experience. Show why it’s personal, with images of some of your favorite pieces & describe why you chose this location. 

3. Headshots & Group Shots
Don’t be that person who hasn’t had a new headshot in decades! Whether it’s for your business cards, your about page, your social media platforms or all three, personalize them often with updated head shots, group images of your team & even a few personal shots with you & your family. Remember, you want to relate to your customers, so showing them that you are real & very much like your headshot can make ALL the difference. *BONUS* Instead of using one headshot, have your photographer take multiple in one setting. This will give you a similar aesthetic, but lots of images to send across a variety of platforms for a little more depth. 

4. Shots Of You In Action  
Now get to work! Let your photographer capture you on Zoom calls with customers, updating your website, doing a customer’s hair, etc. etc. These images can be worked into your social media platforms, added to brochures & even put into local ads. There are a wide variety of different types of commercial photography, but this one is by far my favorite!

5. Custom Styled Shoot Close Ups
The in-action shots shouldn’t just involve you & a happy customer, or you & your cup of coffee. Get additional close up shots of what you’re doing with your hands. These almost stock-image looking custom close ups will give you additional content for background images & more social media options. 

6. Custom Product Shots
This is applicable to EVERYONE, & here’s why. Even if you are a service based business who has purchased product from other places (a salon with hair products, a photographer with lenses, a business strategist with a computer), these custom product shots will not only give an edge to your social media marketing, but it will also allow you to tag those businesses in the shots, gaining more exposure to your business. *I know! You’re so welcome!*

7. Brand Images
You’ll also want brand images with your business card & various tools you use to get your job done. These will work well for background images too, but can also be used on all other platforms. 

If you’re ready for hiring a Commercial Photographer for your business, visit my Services page.

Amy Riordan ♡ Coeur d’Alene, Idaho
Commercial Photographer & Content Strategist
FAA Certified & Insured Drone Pilot

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