1. It IS possible & you’ll prove it.
2. You need a change.
3. You’re done standing in your own way.
4. There are still opportunities. You’re going to take on every single one.
5. You are stronger than you think you are.
6. Why Not? You don’t have anything to lose…
7. You’re in a rut & you’re sick of it.
8. Life has grown dull & you need something to spice it up.
9. You believe in yourself.
10. You are finally ready.
11. You owe it to yourself.
12. Facing your fears will make you wiser & braver.
13. You’re done pretending you’re happy with the way things are.
14. Life is about living & you refuse to roll over & play dead.
15. You deserve better.
16. Life has its ups & downs. You’re ready to go back up!
17. Life is all about adventure.
18. You need to find meaning.
19. You refuse to play it safe.
20. There is more to you than what you do now.
21. Life is short.
22. … Simply because you can.
23. You cannot find a good reason not to.

Are you willing to go the distance?

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