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BE HONEST. How much do you really know about yourself?

If someone were to ask you, "Who are you?" How would you respond?

I know that many, including myself, would say their name, marital status, location & career.

... but who are you really?


A few years back, I created a blog about bucket listing. 

I told myself that it was all to inspire others, & it was, but there was more to it than I realized. 

I didn't really know who I was. 

When I was going through personal or professional trauma, I would always go back to my bucket list.

I thought that it was all about focusing on me, to heal, but again there was more to it. 

I was completely losing myself in other people. 

Whether it be a boyfriend or a best friend, I spent all of my time in that relationship trying to make them happy,

being there for them through thick & thin, always being the one to reach out & stay positive in their time of need. 


I wanted to be the definition of the perfect girlfriend, best friend, daughter, sister, etc. 

And when there was trouble or a relationship ended, I felt lost & confused,

so I'd turn to my list, focus on me & be the most confident I'd ever been,

unknowingly unlocking the door to my entire world without missing a beat.

I always thought the magic was in the list, but it was always there, even when things were good. 

What I was missing was me & my ability to be accountable to myself. 


This may sound a little funny, but think about it for a moment. 

If your focus is on pleasing others only, your ability to be self aware is limited.

You are basing each action on the hopes that it will make someone else happy, 

not on your own happiness, nor the person that you one day hope to be. 

When you lose yourself, you're also losing your ability to be accountable to yourself.

You simply cannot be accountable to yourself if you don't know who you are or what you want in life.

So tell me. Who are you?



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