70 Items For The Writer's Bucket List

As a blogger & freelance writer, I'm constantly looking at ways to expand my writer's bucket list; ways to rejuvenate my writing. From different types of writing to different tools, below are just a few of the list ideas I've come up with over the years. If you're a writer, or if you're looking to get into writing, you're sure to love these bucket list ideas.

1. Write A Sitcom

2. Create A Slogan

3. Do A Book Tour

4. Go To A Writer's Conference

5. Write A Movie Script 

6. Use A Typewriter

7. See Your Book On Shelves

8. Write A Review

9. Have An Amazon Author Page

10. Write A Children's Book

11. Perfect Cursive

12. Build A Quote Journal

13. Write A Book Series

14. Design Your Book Cover

15. Have A Pen Pal 16. Learn To Write Japanese & Chinese Words

17. Expand My Handwriting Fonts

18. Write A Memoir/Biography

19. Write A Musical

20. Copyright Your Work

21. Have A Writing Retreat

22. Win NaNoWriMo

23. Write A Song

24. Learn Calligraphy

25. Write A Mystery Novel

26. Take Note Of Every Nightly Dream

27. Write At A Local Coffee Shop

28. Write A Recommendation Letter

29. Send A Message In A Bottle

30. Write A Magazine Article

31. Write A Love Letter

32. Write A Travel Guide

33. Write A Business Plan

34. Write A Soldier A Letter

35. Use A Fountain Pen

36. Record My 'Book On Tape'

37. See My Book Go To Film

38.Write Fortune Cookie Messages

39. Write A Comic Book

40. Write A Poem

41. Have A NY Times Bestseller

42. Self-Publish Your Work

43. Learn Chalk Board Writing

44. Have A Journal

45. Write A Romance Novel

46. Own A Physical Planner

47. Write An Inspirational Quote

48.Doodle In Hand Crafted Fonts

49. Write A Press Release

50. Write A Speech

51. Write Freelance For A Company

52. Write A Newspaper Article

53. Have A Blog

54. Learn A New Word Per Day

55. Write A Letter To Your Future Self

56. Sign With A Literary Agent

57. Use A Feather Quill & Ink Set

58. Get Invited To A Blogging Network

59. Write A News Bulletin

60. Get 'Freshly Pressed' on Wordpress

61. Take A Story Development Class

62. Write A Short Story

63. Create A Bucket List

64. Guest Post On Someone's Blog

65. Write A 'Blurb' In Someone Else's Book

66. Write A Mission Statement

67. Sign A Book Contract

68. Write A 'Tidbits' Book (Fun Facts & Misc)

69. Sign An Autograph

70. Write Flawlessly Intertwined Books

What are you waiting for? It's time to get writing! *Also, be sure to check out the 'Writer's Bucket List' Board I've created to help on Pinterest!


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