99 Items For Your Transportation Bucket List

A transportation bucket list? Transportation is very important to many when it comes to their bucket list. Whether you're the kind that likes a good souped up engine, or the one who is looking to get places in a unique way, here is a transportation bucket list that is sure to satisfy all of your experience needs. (Transportation wise that is.) Get moving people!

1. Take A Taxi

2. Ride An Elephant

3. Fly First Class

4. Ride A Train

5. Run A Half Marathon

6. Learn To Drive A Stick/Manual

7. Fly In A Personal Plane

8. Go Sailing

9. Take The Subway

10. Ride A Water Gondola 

11. Ride Your Bike To Work

12. Ride In A Speed Boat

13. Fly In A Hot Air Balloon

14. Run A Marathon

15. Ride In A Trolly

16. Go On A Cruise

17. Ride A Double-Decker Bus

18. Ride A Chair Lift

19. Take The Ferry

20. Use A Rental Car

21. Learn To Ride A Horse

22. Ride A Tandem Bicycle

23. Learn To Back Up A Trailer

24. Travel The States In An RV

25. Paddle A Tandem Kayak

26. Ride A Camel 

27. Learn To Rollerblade

28. Drive A Rhino

29. Ride A Jetski 

30. Learn To Park A Boat

31. Ride A Motorcycle

32. Learn To Parallel Park

33. Drive A Sports Car

34. Fly In A Helicopter

35. Ride A 4-Wheeler

36. Drive A Golf Cart

37. Ride A Dog Sled

38. Drive A Race Car

39. Travel Through A Viaduct

40. Drive A Sports Car

41. Learn To Ride A Bike

42. Try Uber 43. Go Barefoot For A Day

44. Swim Over A Mile

45. Ride In A Limousine

46. Learn To Fly A Plane

47. Drive A Classic Car

48. Ride A Llama

49. Drive Your Dream Car

50. Operate A Dump Truck

51. Drive A Monster Truck

52. Use A Zamboni 

53. Ride The Monorail

54. Drive A Motorhome

55. Learn To Back-In Park

56. Ride An Emu 

57. Race In A Go-Kart

58. Ride A Bull

59. Be In A Parade

60. Drive A Tank

61. Ride In A Fire Truck

62. Drive A Bumper-Car

63. Drag Race

64. Be In A Demolition Derby

65. Drive A Semi Truck

66. Drive A Crotch Rocket 

67. Ride A Vespa 

68. Float A River

69. Learn To Back Up A Trailer 

70. Drive A Battery Operated Car

71. Explore By Canoe 

72. Try Cross-Country Skiing

73. Go Backpacking

74. Get A Fuel Efficient Car

75. Walk Everywhere For One Week

76. Go Barefoot For A Full Day

77. Learn To Ride A Unicycle

78. Drive An Ice Cream Truck

79. Race A Go Kart

80. Have A Drink At A "Peddle Bar"

81. Ride A Horse & Carriage 

82. Experience A Submarine 

83. Jump Off Of A Ski Lift

84. Stay The Night On A House Boat

85. Ride The Funicular

86. Get Somewhere On A Rickshaw

87. Go Horseback Riding

88. Learn To Roller Blade

89. Takeoff & Land In A Sea Plane

90. Go Snowmobiling

91. Ride A Streetcar

92. Enjoy Someone's Yacht

93. Ride The Thailand Tuk Tuk

94. Fly In A Blimp

95. Ride A Cable Gondola

96. Go Water Walking

97. Ride A Wave

98. Own A Scooter

99. Eat At A Revolving Restaurant

Happy Travels!


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