Fallen Stars: The Lost Bucket List

Sometimes, for whatever reason, items fall off of our bucket lists. I call these the lost bucket list. Whatever the reason for this loss, it can have us reevaluating our entire lives. It can have us wondering who we are & what we stand for. Here are 5 reasons why an item might fall off of your bucket list... & an explanation as to why you should be proud regardless.

1. It's Not Actually You: Somehow, while glancing through your bucket list, you've come across one that you added a long time ago... & you realize that it's simply not you & you question why you added it at all. Congrats! This means you've begun setting & accomplishing goals for YOU.

2. You've Changed: Isn't that the truth? Things change; so do people. Why accomplish a bucket list item you no longer have a passion for? You're making time for the rest of them, & that's awesome!

3. You Tried & Failed: You've been practicing! This is so great! Please don't let a failure (or another failure) ruin this bucket list item for you! Sure, take it off your list if you want... but keep it somewhere safe knowing that you can always bring it out of retirement later.

4. You've Lost Your Chance: You dreamed of going to the local drive in theatre & it closed!! This has left you seriously devastated, but it's also done so much more. You now will look at your bucket list in a completely different way - by priority. Take advantage of what you can while you can... & let me tell you right now that if it's a drive-in movie, you better move quick!

5. You've Lost Motivation: For whatever reason, you just aren't sure how to go about completing this goal anymore. You aren't passionate about it & your heart is just not in it. That's okay!!! But like I said for 'You Tried & Failed', don't let this goal disappear completely. That passion... it has a tendency to come back when you least expect it.

Don't let fallen stars discourage you. Sometimes they just may lead you exactly where we are supposed to go...

Are you willing to go the distance?


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