Photobombing 101

Sometimes even the simplest goals can be the most fun to accomplish. After watching numerous people photobomb others, how could I not be tempted to do it myself?

Here is your Photobombing 101. Enjoy!

1. Go somewhere very public - the mall, an amusement park, a bar, etc.

2. Wait for someone to take a photo (selfies work too & they are bound to happen).

3. POW! Jump right in!

With cousin love I literally jumped at the opportunity to photobomb Lena & Louise. I love you both!A beautiful, odd photo of life as a Goodman. Hahaha

Thank you Lena & Louise for unknowingly assisting in accomplishing one of my goals & thank you Aunt Mikleane for the photo!

It's just fun & funny. Bucket lists are supposed to be that way, right?

Are you willing to go the distance?


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