Where Is Bucket List Bound?!

You heard it here first! Bucket List Bound is no more. (What?!) Yep! It's a new era on my blog, with my podcast & obviously on this website. Let me tell you why I'm so thrilled about this...

I'm going to get really honest with you, this was not an easy decision, & it most certainly had me feeling uneasy. But of course it did! You guys, Bucket List Bound was my baby. The blogs I've written here, the goals I've accomplished, the hours, days, weeks, months that I spent writing & posting & doing all of these things that I love... they are still here. They are the history of this website, & I fully intend to keep them.

So... what is this?

In recent years, this platform has felt incredibly fuzzy to me. While I still bucket list personally (& you can still find my list here), it isn't where my passion is anymore & it was keeping me in a space that wasn't fulfilling for me.

Don't worry, this website is still intended to inspire! I've even kept my course Level Up Living. I will simply be taking a bigger focus on small business strategy & personal development for my friends & myself who are working to build their dreams online or at a brick & mortar business.

So what now? Well, now I start filling this blog, the podcast & my courses (set to release May 1st!) with the knowledge I've gained as a Certified Life Coach AND Social Media Strategist, then I cover this site & hopefully yours (YES, Stock Photography!) with beautiful images! ... I KNOW!!!

For anyone out there feeling a little lost or unfulfilled, reach out to me, subscribe to the blog or subscribe to the podcast. I'll tell you all about how I figure things out, why I feel so incredible about this change & how you can feel this fulfilled too.

Let's Do This!

Amy Riordan

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