What happened to Bucket List Bound? 

After several months of deliberating, I discovered that my passion for Bucket List Bound was limited to the podcast, & that my abilities as a Life & Business Coach would be best marketed under my own name.


This was an incredibly difficult decision for me, but it was certainly a great one. The moment that I started moving forward with this project - moving from a strictly personal development platform to one that also incorporates small business strategy - everything fell into place. Suddenly my passion for writing, & building something that I love was back full force.

Who provides all of your website photos? All of the photos you see on my website, with the exception of my headshots (by Laura Beyer of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho) were taken by me. I have a passion for photography & I certainly wanted to incorporate this into my website. 

What is your health routine? Recently, I started working on the Kayla Itsines Program. I have always loved the results that others post on social media, so I was eager to work on this. As for food, I try to balance 60% carbs, 20% protein & 20% fat daily. This actually works really well for me as long as I'm also monitoring caloric intake. More details on this can be found at

Do you still bucket list? Yes! Absolutely, there are a great deal of small things still incorporated into the website that have to do with my bucket list, including my full list at You'll also find challenges that seem random on the Amy Riordan YouTube Channel, but these are simply because they are on my list. 

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