Hey! Welcome to my website! I am Amy Riordan; North Idaho wife, dog mom, optimist, writer, certified life coach, social media strategistphotographer, podcaster & course creator.

This website, which was a looong time coming, is an ode to any small business owner looking for fulfillment in what they do, consistency with online media, & lost passion in the midst of pure chaos. I've sooo been there & I got you

Its been... a decade... since I started freelancing as a website designer for local businesses in the Coeur d'Alene area. During these past few, crazy-quick, years, I went from small business website design & SEO to small business social media strategy & it was a fantastic realization. Today I coach what I love... to learn about, write about, talk about & quite literally dream about. 

So whether you're in need of personal or professional clarity (& let's be honest, these go hand-in-hand), take a moment to explore all of the resources that this website has to offer.

Create a thorough Brand Communications Guide that specifically outlines what your company stands for & gain all of the tools you need to grow on social media with my Small Biz Content Course, designed specifically for the small business entrepreneur who's doing pretty much everything themselves. You are not alone! It's time to save yourself stress, be consistent, have vibrant custom content & get it right so that your company can thrive online. 


Spend time with me in my Level Up Living course asking yourself questions like, what's the first thing you think about when a new idea comes to your mind? OR When meeting someone for the first time, are there ever any super-nosey questions you want to ask them? What are they? You may just stumble right into your passion - or an honest realization about the way your business needs to evolve. This course, created for the ultimate mindset shift is exactly what you'll need to tell yourself, "Yes, I deserve this & I'm going for it!"

Below is a rundown of all site features. I truly hope that even just one of these resources allows you to grow! 


BLOG  |  A weekly thought catalog, journaling the ins & outs of society today & how we can improve our lives NOW. 

COACHING  |  Virtual & In-Person Coaching on Social Media, Mindset & Photography for confidence online.

COURSES  |  Thrive Personally & Professionally with my Small Biz Content & Level Up Living Courses.

NEWSLETTER  |  Weekly updates on new content, social features, podcast resources, access to *Freebies*, & much more. 

PODCAST  |  Interviews with small business owners, online media specialists & personal development professionals.

WOW  |  A Pinterest wall covered in inspirational quotes to keep you inspired, on your toes & ready to kick some ass. 

YOUTUBE  |  Weekly personal development challenges, behind the scenes & inspirational tutorials on whatever I want.

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